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 Web Design

In addition to graphic design and advertising, I have a strong love for web design and front-end development. I work primarily in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, and am comfortable with PHP and various frameworks and libraries. Collected here are some websites I’ve designed and developed for my clients from scratch.




SPOT – Selkirks - Pend Oreille Transit


Timberline Helicopters


Sharon Cramer – Author


Stylebar Beauty Bar

Getting together with your friends hasn’t been this easy since we all lived in the same cave!

Nothing is better than having a great event or party with all your closest friends. Except planning it. Upon agreeing to do something, everyone whips out their phones and schedules and thus begins a long, horrible process of group texts and haggling over date and time.

No longer!

Shindigs solves this plague upon society by making a room for your event, and letting everyone join quickly and easily to vote on what days and times are best for them.

The event owner can then finalize the event based on the best day and time for the most participants, and the room then becomes a reminder page with an integrated chat so you can let everyone know someone needs to bring paper plates.

Shindigs is an original concept developed, designed, coded, and launched by me. It’s built using Meteor.js and MongoDB.