Setsuden Laboratory — Calculator

The Brief

Setsuden Kobo (Energy Saving Laboratory) had just overhauled their website, a platform to promote their revolutionary product which, when attached to normal fluorescent light fixtures, cuts energy usage significantly. They wanted prospective customers to have an idea of just how much money and energy they could save by installing these devices in their offices, so I was called upon to build for them an interactive estimate calculator.

The Solution

This was my most challenging web project to date. I had a cursory knowledge of Javascript, but I knew that to build this web app, I would need to really hit the books. So I did. I powered through and spent a lot of time organizing the information and planning out how best to present it. The resulting calculator takes the user's input for the following variables, respectively: Type of light fixtures, hours per day of use, price in JPY/kwh, number of days per month of use, and number of lights. The output includes (again, respectively): Current monthly and yearly cost, adjusted monthly and yearly costs after installing the product, total yearly savings, and yearly reduction of carbon footprint. I was responsible for the visual design of the page as well as all HTML, CSS, and JS coding.