Sandpoint Now — Website

The Brief

The beautiful town of Sandpoint, Idaho has a wide variety of great activities, live music, events, shows, and more. The problem that residents and visitors were facing is that these events aren't all posted in one place in an easy-to-read or user friendly way. I set out to create a place that would be peoples' one-stop-shop to find something fun to do.

The Solution

I settled on a layout for displaying the events similar to that of Reddit or Hacker News. The nav bar has links to sort the events by time frame, and everything is color-coded for easy reading. Icons denote the type of event, links for event websites and Google maps are prominent, and sharing via social media is encouraged. So far, the response has been fantastic; it seems Sandpoint Now is exactly what people were wanting! With a steady stream of daily hits, both new and returning, I plan to move forward and add features and functionality in the future.