Osaka Shigeo — Website

The Brief

Osaka Shigeo specializes in the maintenance, rental, and sales of electric-assisted bicycles. To breathe new life into their business, they wanted a web experience that would educate potential customers about the merits of their service. They were also keen to update their image and emphasize how environmentally-friendly they and their bicycles are.

The Solution

I crafted the imagery to emphasize three main points: the "green", eco-friendly nature of the company and its products/services, the simplicity and efficiency of those services, and the company's pride and love for their home city of Osaka. The site's legibility, ease-of-use, and flow guides the user through and shows them the value of Shigeo's services. "This is how we take care of you. You don't have to worry about anything! is the prevailing message as the user reads through the merits and service descriptions. Also, the Recruit and Rental forms are designed with ease of use in mind, making getting in touch with Shigeo a quick and friendly process. The forms required for Recruit were taking up a lot of space, so I wrote a script that will hide and show only the form (part time / full time) the user is interested in.