Macroarc Corp. — Website

The Brief

Macroarc Corporation, an Osaka-based software and custom IT solutions company, was recently founded and they wanted a slick, modern-looking website that looked and work as great as the products they create. They wanted a responsive site that would look great on any device, and have a smooth, snappy interface.

The Solution

Responsive is the name of the game here. Not many Japanese sites are responsive, so I felt like a pioneer here. As such, I heavily commented the relevant sections of code in both English and Japanese so my coworkers and any curious Japanese web devs could see what was happening. The company had just started, so there weren't any projects or clients to showcase. Therefore, I had to make judicious use of some great stock photography and custom icons to fill out the content. The client was very happy with the result, and sat grinning, playing with the window size to see the responsiveness in action for a good ten minutes.