InterContinental Hotels Group — Earth Hour Poster

The Brief

For Earth Hour 2011, the ANA Crowne Plaza Osaka hotel needed a poster design to use in all their hotels across Japan for the night of the event. I had less than 24 hours to develop all the materials for this, including an iconic image, A0, B1, A2, and A4 posters, a PowerPoint presentation, and a style guide with usage instructions.

The Solution

For the main image, I wanted to communicate the concept that saving energy really is saving Japan. This Earth Hour was right after the 3/11 disaster, and the nation was in dire need of energy, forcing families and businesses across the country to cut back for the good of everyone. During that 1-hour span, every light in the country is meant to go out, and people gather together around candlelight to spend time with one another and reflect. I knew that a candle was the perfect image for this, but needed to make it really express how much good this would be doing for the country. I achieved this by manipulating the flame in a photo to represend the shape of the Japanese main island. IHG Corporate was very pleased with the results, and the nationwide campaign turned out quite successful.