GNT — Product Catalog

The Brief

GN Tool needed a refresh for their catalog, which had been in use with no changes to the design since the early '90s. It served them well, but they were looking to revitalize their image and really make their clients' heads turn, as well as attract new business in an industry where visual design is often overlooked.

The Solution

Part of the reason Japanese customer service is so excellent is that great effort is always made to fully explain all available options to the customer so they can make a decision they're happy about. Unfortunately, a side effect of this is that catalogs, brochures, and other print materials tend to have every available centimeter filled. For GNT's slick, bold new image, I chose to branch off from this path. I worked closely with the client to boil all the product descriptions down to their absolute essence, giving the customer exactly the information they need without being too verbose. This gave the products plenty of room to breath and show off their excellent craftsmanship. This catalog was all about showcasing the product. These are high-precision drill bits, so absolute precision was necessary in measuring margins, gutters, widths, and typography. In the end, the client was thrilled with the result, and enjoyed a renewed burst of interest from their customer base. Heads were indeed turned.