Frontier, Inc. — Website

The Brief

Frontier, Inc. provides safe and low-impact building demolition and site decontamination/cleansing services. They pioneered deconstruction techniques now in use across Japan, and take great pride in the thoroughness with which they clean and purify the soil and surrounding area of the site afterward. Keeping this in mind, they wanted a website that visually reflected the "green" nature of their company.

The Solution

To tackle the problem of conveying a sense of environmental responsibility, I made use of a really nice photo of a clean, clear field for the site's background. This is meant to subtly communicate that this is what a site can look like when Frontier is done with it; indeed, after cleaning, the sites could be used for parks or even farmland. Combined with a simple, solid, and clean interface and layout, the client was very happy with the end result. The client also requested an animation for the front page's banner, so I took it upon myself to create one. I storyboarded, laid out, and created the animation in Adobe After Effects CS5.