Accorder Web Books — Website

The Brief

Accorder Inc., a creative firm in Osaka, Japan, was preparing to launch a new e-book creation service, and they needed an online experience to show potential customers what it's all about. My goal was to take materials created by the sales staff, and create a homepage and sample book to demonstrate the capabilities of this great new product.

The Solution

The folks at Accorder were quite keen on using a book motif for the visuals, so I cooked up some nice background images and a warm color palette for their site and sample book. The major selling point for the Web Books is that they can be viewed anywhere, on any device, so I baked in some responsive functionality for the site as well. It is flexible down to tablet size, and the included link for the sample book works for all devices via an App Store app. The end result was very well-received, and the salespeople have had some great success with their new materials.