Accorder, Inc. — 2012 Summer Postcard

The Brief

Every year, it is customary for Japanese companies to send postcards to their clients, marking the change of the seasons. This one is called a "shochu hagaki", meant to be sent in the dog days of summer. Accorder, Inc. needed a postcard with the coolest, most refreshing image possible, to capture the attention of their clients, as well as take their minds off the heat for a moment.

The Solution

These types of postcards require intimate knowledge of Japanese seasonal motifs. Each time of year has its own special image, something that makes people say, "ah yes, this is [season]." Since I am not native to Japan, these types of projects always involve some really fun research. For the Japanese, August means giant, billowing cumulonimbus clouds, chilled watermelon, wind chimes, and the droning of cicadas. We decided to go with the beloved treat for this one. Many of these postcards tend to be cluttered with text, script, and clipart images, so I opted to keep things bold and legible. My research paid off, as old clients came right back for new projects soon after the cards were sent out.

The text beneath the watermelon reads, "The dog days drag on, but we hope you're taking good care of yourself."