3/11 Poster

The Brief

As you know, on March 11th, 2011, Japan suffered the worst earthquake/tsunami combination in a very long time. Many people from around the globe stepped up to help in whatever way they could. I personally decided to use my skills as a designer to lend a hand.

The Solution

Once inspiration struck, I worked night and day to make this poster a reality. I chose the image of a world map expressed as a sakura tree because I truly felt that, on that day, the world came together in support of Japan. A tweet by actor George Takei really resounded with me and gave me the spark of inspiration it took to make this thing a reality. He said, "Today, we are all Japanese." Every sakura blossom is hand-placed, size, and rotated to give the image an organic feel. I sold these posters online through several venues and forwarded 80% of the proceeds directly to the Red Cross Society of Japan (the other 20% covered printing and shipping). All in all I sent the Red Cross about $300 from this project. If you are interested in owning a print for yourself, please don't hesitate to contact me!